When Hammer was assigned the communication challenge, Artech realtors was strugling to make a dent into the market. Asset and Heera were the dominant players in South Kerala with Artech being an also-ran. As we got into our analysis we understood that Artech builds very good apartments with high level of customer satisfaction. And they ensured that the delivery of the finished product was on time. On top of it they had on offer properties at the right locations. These aspects were really bringing a smile on the customers’ faces.

What the brand lacked was a credible and meaningful story to communicate that is in sync with the product offering. Hammer came with a proposition – “Artech – Building Happiness”, and started communicating this story single-mindedly. Over a period of few months the brand started reaping the fruits of this endearing story. In a matter of time Artech became the leader in the South of Kerala and there was no stopping them.

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